Friday product focus: Posters

Helping your patients to understand their condition is a fundamental to good communication and shared-decision making in practice.  Posters are a really useful visual aid to simply illustrate to your patient’s their condition and symptoms.  Most patients have very little understanding of human anatomy and the connections between different areas of their body, practitioners can have an important education role.  We currently stock 6 posters:

Anatomy and Injuries of the Shoulder

Human Spine Disorders

Knee Injuries

The Muscular System

The Skeletal System

Trigger Points – 2 Chart Set

These posters can be supplied with a lovely quality black wooden frame.  These have been made especially for Mint as the posters are a non-standard size.  We aim to take the hard-work out of running your practice by making it easy for you to get the stock you need.  If there are other posters or items you would like us to stock, please make a suggestion.

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