Should you give your patients pre-treatment information?

ARCHIVED POST N.B. This post is based on the 2012 Osteopathic Practice Standards and therefore may not reflect current legislation or current Mint procedures.

There is no stipulation that pre-treatment information must be supplied.  However the Osteopathic Practice Standards do state that before examining and treating a patient you should ensure they understand: their rights as a patient – including having a chaperone or stopping treatment at any time, what they can realistically expect from you as an osteopath, benefits and risks associated with treatment and alternatives to treatment.

That is a lot of information to pass on and a lot for patients to take on.  In our view a pre-treatment booklet provides a method of providing information to patients when they have time to read and absorb information.  A booklet helps you to provide consistent information to your patients which can then be discussed and applied to their individual condition.  If you already provide pre-treatment information maybe this post will be a prompt to review your information and make sure you are passing on the required information.  There is an audit check-list for pre-treatment information in the membership folder.

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