GOsC Investigations 2014-15

As I read the annual reports of GOsC investigations it produces a mix of emotions – on the one hand it is pleasing that the GOsC is effective at dealing with rogue professionals bringing the profession into disrepute, on the other hand it is saddening that there are so many cases and still many cases which are seemingly unnecessary negligence.

You can read the report in the April/May The Osteopath, I summarise some key points here:

There were 43 cases considered of which 22 went to the Professional Conduct Committee or Health Committee.

From the 20 cases heard during the year there were 2 removals from the register – 1 due to poor business behaviour, the other sexual mis-conduct.  There was 1 suspension due to inappropriate clinical procedures at an open air festival (advice regarding treatments at open air festivals and events was given in a previous edition of The Osteopath).  There were also 2 conditions of practice due to lax patient modesty and poor communication regarding touch.  Admonishments were given for using a technique before qualified and insured, poor communication and inappropriate behaviour and disorganisation – practising without insurance.

Looking through that brief summary, as usual, there is a common theme of communication issues and many of these issues could have easily been prevented.  It is a warning to us each as practitioners to make sure our practices are abiding by practice standards so we are providing patients with the standard of care they should be able to expect.  Perhaps this is an opportunity to audit our communication procedures, and patient modesty procedures.  An important aspect of practice is to be reflecting and developing and we should be able to demonstrate that is taking place on a regular basis.  Help can be found in the Mint Folder.

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