Patients are confident in Osteopathy

It’s very easy to get despondent with regulations and compliance and what may feel like restrictions on your freedom to practice but here is some good news about osteopathy…..people love it!

The June/July 2015 edition of The Osteopath magazine gave some results of a survey of public perceptions of osteopathy with some good news to use in your marketing.  I am highlighting information from this article.

Three most important attributes that give confidence and trust in a health professional are:

  1. A recognised level of education and training
  2. Providing good-quality advice and treatment
  3. Being monitored by a regulatory body

96% of osteopathic patients express confidence in osteopathic treatment and advice.

25% of osteopathic patients did not realise their osteopath is a regulated professional.

Patients who have never visited an osteopath rate the following as the top 5 subjects they would like to be informed of:

  1. Benefits of treatment
  2. The professional standards
  3. Risks of treatment
  4. What osteopaths do
  5. Costs of treatment

Actions you can take to enhance your practice

One in six do not have confidence in osteopathy so what actions can we take to help to improve confidence?  Make sure that your patients and potential patients are aware of your qualifications and GOsC registration.  It will give them greater confidence in osteopathy and you as a practitioner.  GPs are a key factor in guiding patient’s choices of practitioner and so it is important you establish good relationships with local practices.

Include the above 5 topics of information on your website and in your practice literature, making sure that you are acting in accordance with the Advertising Standards Authority’s requirements.

There is a lot to be positive about an effective and well-respected profession but together practitioners can do more to raise the profile of the profession and encourage even more people to benefit from treatment.

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