A busy time…

ARCHIVED POST N.B. This post is based on the 2012 Osteopathic Practice Standards and therefore may not reflect current legislation or current Mint procedures.

November has been a very busy month for Mint. We were pleased to meet lots of osteopaths at the IO convention. Joint models proved very popular. Mint will not be re-stocking joint models that have sold out as we have some different plans in this area (watch this space!). We still have 2 hand joint models, 1 spine with a stand and several lumbar spine models and lumbar spine and pelvis models. Have a look in the shop, our prices are excellent value.

There was a lot of enthusiasm for the Mint Folder and leaflets, it is great to receive feedback.  Lots more osteopaths are now equipped with a folder to guide them through establishing and maintaining outstanding practices and accompanying leaflets which patients love.

The IO convention had some excellent learning sessions, and we hope to discuss some of the evidence based practice in a future blog post.

Therapy Expo at the NEC had a fantastic line up of speakers. I was particularly thrilled to hear Stuart Wildman – a musculoskeletal ultrasound geek overflowing with enthusiasm, Simeon Niel-Asher presenting his trigger point technique, Mike of Know Pain Mike talking about metaphors. There were some good product demonstrations from Fascia tools, Rocktape and others. It is a really good conference, with a good range of trade stands although you have to avoid all the recruitment agencies for locum staff etc.

I think overall I prefer Therapyexpo to COPA, it seems more focussed on musculoskeletal learning and is not dominated by the very large stands of interesting equipment which most clinics would never be able to utilise. COPA seems to have become much more diverse.

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