Promote your registration

Surveys have shown that patients want the reassurance of knowing that their health professional is registered. This gives them assurance that practitioners:

  • Have achieved a standard of training
  • Are monitored by a regulatory body
  • Provide good quality advice and treatment

How can patients know their practitioner is registered?

Both the HCPC and the GOsC have provided resources to help practitioners promote their registration. The HCPC has produced an infographic that gives some interesting facts about what practitioners perceive as the best ways of promoting registration:

73% Displaying HCPC registration logo

48% Public information material displayed at work

35% Encourage people to use the check the register mobile app

30% via marketing materials

20% via website

Both GOsC and HCPC have registration marks that you can use to promote your registration. In osteopathy disappointingly only 1/5 of registrants have applied to use the registration mark.

What are the benefits of promoting your registration?

It gives patients confidence in you as a practitioner knowing you have reached a benchmark standard.

It encourages the public to look for registered professionals

It differentiates you from non-registered professionals

Registration marks are free to obtain from your registering body and there are free posters to download too.   Promote your registration, it’s what patients want to know.

Find resources here:

GOsC free resources in the ozone

HCPC free resources

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