The New CPD scheme for Osteopaths

ARCHIVED POST N.B. This post is based on the 2012 Osteopathic Practice Standards and therefore may not reflect current legislation or current Mint procedures.

For osteopaths there is a new CPD scheme due to commence next year.  For any who are perhaps unaware or unclear about the changes I thought I’d do a quick overview:

What’s changing?

CPD will take place on a three year programme of 90 hours.

CPD must be undertaken that is relevant to the four themes of the Osteopathic Practice standards: communication and patient partnership; knowledge, skills and performance; safety and quality in practice and professionalism

From preliminary information it seems that the CPD only needs to be mapper to the four themes, not individual standards.  One CPD event can cover more than one theme.

You have to undertake an objective activity – patient feedback, peer review or observation, clinical audit and/or case based discussion.  You have to demonstrate how this has influenced CPD ir practice

During each CPD cycle of three years you must undertake one item of learning relating to communication and consent.

At the end of the three years you will need to undertake a peer discussion review with a colleague.  There will be plenty of resources to help practitioners with this.

What isn’t changing?

There is no increase in the time requirement, it is still an average of 30 hours per year.

Half of your CPD hours must still be completed with others.

You still need to keep a record of your CPD activities.

Why is it changing?

Revalidation is being brought in for all health care professions. Following extensive consultation and the revalidation pilot the best way forward was considered to be incorporating revalidation with the CPD requirement.

There are a few more stipulations about what you have to do for your CPD but they should be easily fulfilled with a few simple adjustments to your CPD.  CPD providers will be keen to help you to achieve the requirements of the new scheme.  The scheme has been developed in response to evidence of learning needs for the profession and best practice so this new scheme should lead to development of practitioners and the profession in a very positive way.

When will the changes take place?

Early adopters will begin the scheme in November 2016 with a full mandatory implementation planned for March 2017.

At Mint we are working towards providing some CPD to help you fulfil the requirements of the new CPD scheme.  Using the Mint folder to make changes in your practice or as a basis for clinic discussions will adequately cover these requirements.  The folder already contains many audits, advice on case discussions, and patient feedback guidance as well as two modules covering communication and consent.

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