European Standard for Osteopathy

This week an event took place in the European Parliament to mark the launch of the European Standard on Osteopathic Healthcare Provision.  This was the product of a 4 year project involving a number of Osteopathic organisations.

The European Standard does not replace the UK laws relating to Osteopathy or in any other country with legislation.  It serves to provide a standards of care in European countries without any legislation.

They have produced two leaflets, available in several languages:

European Standard for Osteopathy information leaflet

‘What to expect from your osteopath’

See other languages here:

The leaflet on ‘What to expect when you visit an osteopath’ is an excellent resource.  It is very succinct, yet informative.  This could make a very useful pre-treatment information leaflet for your patients.

The whole standard is available here.  More about this in a blog post next month.

As a CPD exercise you could consider the leaflet alone or with colleagues and identify your strengths and weaknesses with regard to the expectations of osteopathic care.  This could lead to some learning points which you can then use to develop your practice and CPD programme.

It is very encouraging to see this development in osteopathy, strengthening the European wide reputation of osteopathic care – congratulations and thanks to all involved for their hard-work for the profession.


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