Start with Why?

If you have ever seen Simon Sinek’s inspiring Ted Talk about marketing you will be familiar with the phrase ‘Start with Why’.  He suggests that is the key that makes companies like Apple stand out – look at their marketing it is all about why, not the what and how.

Continuing out theme of reflection this month we can ask why? about our practices to help us to focus and reinvigorate our practices.


Why did you become an osteopath?  Maybe like so many others you have a story to tell of how you were inspired by a personal experience of osteopathy or maybe it was that desire to help people or to have a rewarding career or whatever else your reason might be you started in this career for a reason.

Why do you enjoy being an osteopath? Is it the buzz from getting patients better, is it an interest in health or anatomy, is it the rewards of lifestyle and finance?

Why do you treat as you do? Maybe you have had particular success with a group of patients or it stems from your own personal experience or your particular attributes.

Why do you like treating a certain group of patients?

Why do you run your practice as you do? Why are you a single practitioner or a large practice?  Why do you work the hours you do?

Why do you care whether people know about osteopathy? Are you concerned to spread the word so others receive the benefits of osteopathic care?

Why do you care about your practice standards? Why do you run your practice as you do – your type of patient records, the environment you have, the appointment system you use, the procedures you have in place?

Why would patients want to come and be treated by you?

Why would patients want to visit your practice?

We could go on and on asking why but it draws out some really useful information and this is the information you should be passing on to your patients.  As Gilly Woodhouse always says, people buy people, they want to know about you and why they should come and see you, they don’t really care about osteopathy or what courses you have done etc.

Leading on from the Why comes the How and What.  Once patients are on board, starting to believe that you are the person to help them, then they will be wanting to know how you do it and what you do.  Use this method to focus your marketing on attracting more patients to your practice.

Perhaps you have become discouraged in practice.  Thinking about WHY? may help you to regain your focus.  Why do you practice as you do?  Perhaps the hours you work enable you to have the work-life balance you desire, maybe you have other responsibilities to fulfil – parents or children to care for, other positions etc.  What changes do you need to make to fulfil your desires for practice? How are you going to do that?

Take time to ask why and use that to fuel your enthusiasm for practice, to focus your marketing and to direct your conversations with patients.  Spread the news about your Why? Tell anyone who will listen, it usually makes an extremely compelling story.

If you want to improve your practice standards use the Mint resources to save you time but equip you with the knowledge you need.


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