The Why? Of Mint

Having encouraged you to reflect on the Why of your practice I have also spent time reflecting on the Why of Mint.

There were several logs in the fire that led to the spark that ignited the formation of Mint:

  • The realisation that it can be a lot of work to research and understand the requirements of the Practice Standards particularly in relation to subjects like Safeguarding Children and Health and Safety.
  • The frustration at the unnecessary duplication of effort between every practice taking the time to research and write their own policies.
  • The concerns raised by reading the poor standards of practice of those who have been subjected to fitness to practice proceedings e.g. poor record keeping, failure to obtain consent, lack of complaints procedures – simple things that could be corrected and improve the standards of practice and maintain the reputation of the profession

These could be summarised as:

  • Saving practitioners time on paperwork
  • Informed practitioners
  • Consistent standards and procedures in osteopathic practices wherever you go
  • Reduced complaints

It was certainly a daunting task but why did I think I could do it?

  • I was in the position to make the time and take the risk of starting a new venture
  • I had already written a Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults policy for osteopaths for a postgraduate dissertation
  • I had discovered I had the unusual trait of enjoying this aspect of practice
  • I knew I had the drive and principles to produce high quality documents
  • I love the profession of osteopathy and had experience of many different practice settings and great enthusiasm for the reputation of the profession

This led to the writing of the Mint Folder – a comprehensive overview of the standards – explaining what the requirements mean and writing template documents to easily implement standards into practice.  The folder has received excellent feedback from osteopaths with a huge range of experience and everything from sole practitioners to multi-therapy large practices.

In addition to the folder leaflets have been written that help to fulfil the standards – pre-treatment information, complaints policy leaflets, leaflets explaining benefits and risks of osteopathic treatment and patient information leaflets.

Mint has produced the resources to enable practitioners to:

  • Save time on paperwork
  • Be informed about what is required of them
  • Provide consistent procedures e.g. consent, pre-treatment information, complaints etc.
  • Be confident in their practice standards

If these are your desires as an osteopath, invest in your practice with the Folder and Leaflets in the Shop.

The future?

Mint has many plans for the future.  Our resources really tie in well with the new CPD scheme so we plan to help osteopaths to fulfil the requirements by helping them through the transition.

We also have plans to develop a new range of patient information leaflets.

Think about your why?…. It really is a helpful exercise.

If reflection is new to you and you need some guidance on how to use reflection in practice you can download our helpful module for just £10

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