Reflection and the new CPD scheme

As stated in my previous blog reflection is an essential component of the new CPD scheme.  Today  we are going to look at what the requirements are and where reflection is important.

The new CPD scheme

We are developing resources to help you with fulfilling the new CPD scheme.

If we look at each of the standards in turn you will see how reflection fits in with the scheme.

Standard 1: CPD in each of the four themes of the Osteopathic Practice Standards

Reflecting on your CPD is going to enable you to identify which theme it can be mapped to and demonstrate how it has influenced your practice.

Standard 2: Objective activity – patient feedback, peer observation, clinical audit or case-based discussion

Reflection on your practice may help you to identify which one of these objective activities will be most beneficial in your professional development at this moment in time.  After the activity you can demonstrate how this has influenced your CPD or practice by recording a reflection and provide accompanying documentation as evidence.

Standard 3: Communication and consent CPD activity

Communication and consent has been identified as a key area for osteopaths to regularly learn about.  It is a very broad subject so there may be particular aspects that you want to learn about.  Reflection after your CPD activity will help you to apply your learning to practice.  Osteopaths need to develop in this area and reflection to set yourself targets will enable this.

Standard 4: Continuing record of CPD

Having read how reflection applies to the first three standards you will realise that your portfolio of CPD evidence will contain several reflections.  These can provide the basis for your peer review, see below.  They can also inform your future CPD planning which you may choose to record as a personal development plan.

Peer Review

The peer review is a discussion with a colleague about how the four CPD standards have been met.  You will be demonstrating to them your CPD portfolio and discussing areas which have been particularly helpful to your practice and identifying areas for further learning over the next 3 year cycle.  This is ultimately a reflection on your last 3 years of CPD.


Reflection enables you to easily generate evidence about how your CPD is influencing your practice.  You will find it an invaluable tool in getting the most benefit from your CPD.  It will enable you to identify your strengths in practice and identify areas for development so you can focus your CPD plans.

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