GDPR Myths and Questions #2

Another GDPR question and a concern..

To encrypt or not to encrypt?

A question has been raised whether passwords are sufficient or do you need to encrypt your computers and phone? I think I would first of all wind back a bit and ask whether you have secure passwords on all your devices? If you don’t then that is your first plan of action. There are detailed arguments for and against encryption but I would make sure you have good security in place anyway before you even begin to consider the pros and cons of encryption.

I think we need to consider the level of data held on your devices and the stages someone would need to go through to access that data. For most people it would take a couple of passwords and knowledge of which software you are using to get anywhere near to your data. How quickly could you prevent access to your data if one of your devices was stolen?

If you have files containing patient information, it would probably be wise to add a password to those. If you are emailing patient information, password protection may improve your data security.

A concern….

I heard on the radio this week that only 1/3 businesses have started to prepare for GDPR. There are 5301 osteopaths registered in the UK. A very small proportion have bought my GDPR module, the others are either working it out for themselves, waiting for the IO information and webinar, or going to attend the Academy of Physical Medicine webinar or my fear is many osteopaths may still have their heads buried in the sand. There is lots of help available for you. I told you about my 2 courses last week. The IO webinar is on Monday 19th at 10am, the Academy of Physical Medicine webinar is on Tuesday 20th at 7:30pm. Let me know if there are any other courses or materials and I’m happy to promote them. There’s lots of help being offered so you’ve no excuse not to get GDPR sorted – it really isn’t as bad as you think.


Carolyn McGregor

Dear Mint Practice, Thank you for your articles on GDPR and in particular, encryption. AS this is something I have been considering how best to do following our recent Osteopathic group meeting on GDPR. Your articles are Very Helpful!
Yours sincerely,
Carolyn McGregor


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