The new Mint Folder – What’s changed?

1. The order

The folder is now arranged within each of the four themes. The new standards have a much more logical flow so topical standards and guidance are now gathered together under one theme. This means it is no longer necessary to have the Mint Folder arranged by topics.

Keeping the order by theme will also help with implementing the new CPD scheme. You will be able to quickly identify where work on a particular area of practice aligns with a theme of the OPS.

2. CPD suggestions

There are now suggestions for CPD at the end of each of the four themes to identify areas of compliance that could be used for CPD. Every theme includes a CPD suggestion that could be used for the compulsory communication and consent requirement.  

3. The content

As with the Standards, the Mint Folder has been completely reviewed.  There have been some new sections added and some have remained the same. Every section has been edited and reviewed but with varying levels of changes. The table below shows you the key changes:

Section Change
A1 Communication New information on communication skills
A2 Communicating about conditions and health   New section on Nocebo and Placebo in communication and importance of communication skills for positive health messages. Includes shared-decision making.
A3 Communicating benefits and risks of osteopathic treatment   Edited with small amendments and to reflect Montgomery (see consent)  
A4 Receiving clinical consent   Re-organised to correspond with voluntary – informed – capacity sections of the guidance. Now includes history of consent and Montgomery implications on consent. Capacity to consent section now includes explanation of who has parental responsibility. Records of Consent. Consent forms updated to include consent to text and email communications. Consent audit questions made more ‘open’ questions and some modified.  
A5 Lifestyle support resources   New short section listing a few links to commonly used patient information resources.  
A6 Dignity and Modesty   Minor modifications to reflect updates within the guidance.  
A7 Values-based communication   Slightly expanded section on values with same values exploration exercise.  
B1   Critical Appraisal   Self-reflection, practice audit and data collection – very little change.  
B3 New CPD scheme   Brief outline of new CPD scheme, Peer observation and Peer review, Clinical practice – legal requirements and safety considerations in clinic  
C2 Patient Records   Updated audit and highlight of other standards relating to patient records  
C4 Safeguarding   Minor updates in accordance with newer legislation and papers, local safeguarding board changes. New section on whistleblowing and female genital mutilation.  
C5 Infection control and Health and safety   Minimal changes  
C6 Public health   New short section with list of resources for promoting public health  
D1 Advertising and marketing   Minor update  
D2 Boundaries   New section on maintaining professional boundaries  
D4 Handling complaints   Small updates, more advice on handling complaints  
D5 Record storage and data protection   Includes GDPR 2018 update  
D6 Equality   Additional information added to equality audit  
D7 Social Media   New section  
D9 Staff training and associate support   Minor update to reflect changes in legislation  

4. The price

You may be surprised to learn that the new Mint Folder is available at a lower cost than ever before. We want as many osteopaths as possible to access the best compliance information available to support them in providing osteopathic care to the highest standards. The folder contains more information but is available for a fantastic price as a high quality folder or a download. The price will escalate through the year until the standards become effective in September 2019.

What you won’t have if you stick with the old folder:

Your consent section won’t be up to date with the latest legal requirements relating to clinical consent. Your folder won’t reflect the new CPD scheme and include aspects linked to the CPD scheme such as CPD suggestions and peer review. You won’t have the additional sections on communication, whistleblowing, female genital mutilation reporting, boundaries, social media, whistleblowing and audits amended to reflect small changes in standards.

N.B. Whistleblowing, GDPR and social media sections have previously been available as downloadable modules but were not in the 1st edition of the Mint Folder.

Buy your copy of the Mint Folder today so you can have the information and resources you need to comply with the Osteopathic Practice Standards. Don’t miss out on the early bird price.

If you want to see what has changed in the new OPS we have a blog highlighting the changes here.

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