Are you taking care of yourself, osteopath?

Standard D11 states that you must ensure that any problems with your own health do not affect your patients.  

It is important that you take care of yourself as a practitioner. Working in practice is not easy, there are a lot of pressures – from people and business pressures. You know them for yourself I don’t need to list them. 

Here are five ways you can take care of yourself: 

1) Have a holiday. When did you last take a holiday? Do you routinely take breaks from clinic? It is very tempting when self-employed to keep going and going but gradually you can get worn out and your well-being starts to suffer. Taking a holiday enables you to rest, relax and come back to the clinic refreshed. 

2) Exercise. As you well know exercise is fantastic for your physical and mental well-being. How do you measure up against the international recommended minimum – 150 minutes per week and 2 strength sessions? Do you need to schedule more exercise in your routine? 

3) Breaks. Does your daily routine put stress on you. No time to write up notes, rushing to respond to enquiries, spending hours at clinic finishing off at the end of the day. Could you schedule some breaks in the day to help relieve that stress? 

4) Talk. Link up with another osteopath or health professional to chat about difficulties and concerns. Sharing your problems and getting a different perspective can provide you with just the support you need. Why not set up a routine get together once a month? 

5) Mix with other osteopaths. When did you last go on a course with real people face to face or attend your regional group. Spending time with other health professionals enhancing your knowledge and skills can be really refreshing. Make sure you take the opportunity to chat too. 

Maybe there is something else you need to do to support your wellbeing. Share any thoughts, experiences and ideas in the comments. 

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