Have you thought about your conduct

Working in many of the well-known professions within healthcare and wider requires a certain level of conduct. There are expectations for your personal and professional behaviour.

Some people consider this is an intrusion of their privacy. But when you sign up to a vocation you sign up to the accompanying lifestyle. Nobody wants to meet their GP in the gutter on a Friday night and then in the consulting room advising on lifestyle on Monday.

For osteopaths there are occasions where conduct falls below the expected level. The misconduct may be crossing boundaries, inappropriate social media posts, poor clinical health and safety, disrespect for dignity and modesty, inethical appointment booking, financial misconduct or breaking the law and many other examples.

What might lead your conduct to fall? Perhaps it is stress related – stress from personal life or business life – leading to poor decision making and a lowering of standards. Perhaps it is fatigue – overwork and lack of rest. Sometimes there is a lack of professional engagement which leads to disengagement and a lowering of standards. Overwhelm? Carrying the burdens of too many patients and not having outlets to share those burdens.

How can you maintain good conduct? First of all maintain your well-being – take time off if you need it, take a holiday, meet up with colleagues, attend courses, engage with your regional group. Talk to someone, get support. Don’t try to continue working if you are really struggling. It’s far less costly to take some time off to sort out issues and recharge your batteries rather than struggling on and letting your personal life or professional overwhelm impact your professionalism.

Is it time for you to take a break? Do you need to meet with a colleague? Take action today.

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