Is it time you checked?

Up date your clinic health and safety

If you have more than 5 employees there are health and safety requirements and policies you must hold. Most practices will be under this threshold so those are the ones I address here. Even if you are an associate, if you notice something that could be improved you should raise it with your principle.

These quick and simple checks will give an overview of your practice health and safety so you can check everything is up to date and take action as appropriate. If you have policies you should review these also.

First Aid

Is your first aid box in date and still contain the full list of contents?
Do you hold a current first aid certificate?

Fire Safety

Is your evacuation policy still appropriate and do all staff know how the fire drill operates?
Is your smoke alarm working?
If you have a fire hydrant and fire blanket are they still in date?

Electrical safety

Have you ensured trailing cables are made safe?
Have you checked cables and plugs on equipment for any damage and made repairs where appropriate?
Are any of the sockets overloaded?

Trip hazards

Have you carried out a risk assessment and minimised risk for slips, trips and falls?

Display screens

Have you assessed the computer set-up and have appropriate breaks in place for reception staff?

Manual handling

Have you minimised any risks from manual handling?

Stress and mental health

Do staff have enough or too much to do? Are they bored or uninspired? Are work relationships healthy? Is the work environment pleasant? Are the hours reasonable?

I hope these simple checks will help you keep safe in your clinic. It can be helpful to ask staff if they have noticed any health and safety hazards. There is a lot more detail about health and safety requirements in the Mint Folder.

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