First Contact Practitioner Roadmap

Did you hear about the FCP roadmap that was launched a couple of weeks ago? What is it? It’s a document that shows the competencies required to work as an FCP and the pathway to demonstrate these competences.

The document also includes the pathway from FCP to Advanced Practice which enables you to practice as a band 8a FCP.

The good news

It’s a fantastic document and offers to osteopaths and other MSK therapists a clear career pathway. It will enable standardisation of quality of practice across these roles.

There are opportunities to follow either a portfolio route gathering evidence or take a University module to achieve FCP recognition.

The pathway is designed to ensure competence in Primary Care. A lot of the elements are based on GP training requirements. It involves regular activities including a weekly reflective learning log entry, a personal development plan, observed clinical consultations and other elements. These will be excellent for developing reflective practitioners who are being assessed and challenged to improve quality of practice – no room for complacency.

The not quite so good news

There is a lot of work involved. Part of it will be just learning new habits such as completing a weekly reflective learning log but other elements involve being organised with a supervisor to gather the appropriate evidence. Most people don’t like change but it with a positive mindset it doesn’t take long until change becomes habit.

I think this will really raise and maintain standards of practice and I hope many of these elements will overflow into other areas of MSK care. I am really looking forward to engaging in the pathway and developing my practice. I hope to take the University path to start collecting credits towards a diploma or MSc.

This is a really exciting opportunity for osteopaths. Some of the FCP roles advertised are open to osteopaths so I hope there will many of us getting involved. I hope to use Mint to support osteopaths to enter into the FCP role so watch this space…

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