Making the most of lockdown 2.0.

So, we are in lockdown again and whilst osteopaths can keep their clinics open it is likely there will be a few extra gaps in the diary. I want to encourage you to take the opportunity to get the governance foundations of your clinic in mint condition ready for when you are busy again. It will be great to end 2020 knowing your clinic is all up to date.

Here’s a list of 6 areas to work on with 3 bonuses if you are keen:

  1. Consent

Review your consent procedures. Yes, we all have good, up to date infection control consent procedures but what about clinical consent.

Is there evidence that you gain informed consent for examination and treatment?

Do you record treatment options discussed and benefits and risks?

Do you record any concerns expressed or questions asked and how they were responded to?

Is there an agreed treatment plan?

Do you have a procedure for sharing medical information with family with permission or with other professionals with permission?

Where do you record the presence and consent for an observer?

What information do you give on benefits and risks of treatment options and where do you record this?

Do you record that you offered a chaperone?

2. GDPR policy

Review your GDPR policy – does it fit with how you are working currently?

Are there any improvements you could make to ensure all data is secure?

Do you and all staff know how to handle information requests?

Is your data being kept safely and securely?

How would you know if there had been a data breach and what would you do?

3. Records

Are there any records you could safely dispose of – 8 years since you saw the patient or paediatric patients have reached 25 years old?

Could you update your case history to improve your consent records?

Are you recording all the necessary information in your patient records?

4. Staff and Associates

Do you know how your staff are?

Have your staff received all the training they need? Are there any areas that need updating?

Would a supervision/appraisal system help with staff development?

5. Complaints procedure

If you don’t have one write one!

If you have one – check it is fit for purpose, remind yourself of the procedures and make sure all colleagues are aware of the procedures.

6. Health and safety

Go around your clinic space and check for safety hazards – trip hazards, manual handling hazards, electrical equipment/wires – not frayed or damaged, socket overloading,  any other safety issues you can identify.

Check your first aid kit contents and make sure you have an accident book – does everyone know where it is kept?

Test your fire alarms

Check you have a fire escape plan and that everyone using the premises knows the plan

Is your first aid certificate recent? – there are online courses available.

7. Opportunity for Objective Activity

NCOR has some helpful information on how to carry out an audit. Normally you would select records of for example your last 20 patients and assess them. When you have made changes you might re-audit after a few months and see if your changes have been effective. Some suggested audits:

Audit your clinical notes for consent records

Audit your clinical notes for record contents requirements

8. Other opportunities:

Is it time to look more into shared decision making?

How could you involve patient values more in your treatment?

Could you update your clinic advertising?

Is your website up to date?

Could you prepare some blogs or social media posts to plan ahead with your marketing?

9. If you have time left for some CPD here are some lectures and courses I’ve recently enjoyed:


Primary Bone Cancer

ARMA webinar on Women and axial spondyloarthritis

Versus Arthritis webinars

Suicide Prevention training

Physiotutors online Great source for special test reliability and examination.

Paid for:

Have a search for Online first aid courses and safeguarding courses – level 2 minimum.

I hope that gives some helpful ideas, I’ll be working through all the clinical review to make sure my clinic is up to date. Let me know how you get on.

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