Good clinical practice for practitioners - compliance made simple.

Compliance made simple.

The name Mint Practice was chosen to represent the values of Mint – a fresh approach to keeping your practice in mint condition.

Treating patients and observing the results is extremely rewarding – there’s no better job.  But working in practice entails more than just treating patients – there are clinical standards to achieve and maintain in running an efficient and effective practice. Osteopaths have expressed a desire for information to implement consistent, standardised procedures. Mint provides this service for osteopaths. Now you have the information, and resources to provide outstanding, informed patient experiences.  No hard-work researching policies, just implementing them into your practice or affirming the procedures you already have.

Mint is aligned to the new 2018 GOsC standards

Who’s behind Mint?

I’m Deborah and I’ve been enjoying practising as an osteopath since 2002. I started Mint Practice in 2014 as a result of a few different factors coming together:

In 2010, while studying for a Masters degree in Child Health, I researched and wrote a dissertation – a ‘Safeguarding Children’ policy for Osteopaths.  During the course of my research, there were so many times when the question arose – “Why didn’t I know this?  Why haven’t I been using this?” I realised there was a lot of work involved in understanding the requirements behind one simple clause in the Osteopathic Practice Standards.

In 2011 I took part in the GOsC revalidation pilot process both as an assessor and a participant.  It was an extremely valuable process which gave me an insight into the strengths and weaknesses of a broad spectrum of practitioners endeavouring to demonstrate clinical compliance.

These experiences and conversations with colleagues from many healthcare professions working in private practice highlighted a widespread desire for more information and resources to help with clinical compliance.  It is an onerous task for every practice to research the standards and write the resources they need. 

There needed to be an easier way to comply with Practice Standards.

In 2014 Mint began with the publishing of the first Mint Folder and accompanying clinical leaflets. The leaflet series and Mint Folder have been completely revised in 2018 to coincide with the new Osteopathic Practice Standards.

Since 2016 Deborah has been on council at the GOsC. This keeps her at the forefront of developments in osteopathic policy, issues arising within the osteopathic professions and aware of the broader healthcare spectrum.

Deborah is a committed Christian which is the basis of her values in professional and personal life – honesty, integrity and excellence are reflected in the Mint publications and company ethos. You will find the website is closed on Sundays.

Mint has been developed with a passion for raising clinical standards so that osteopathic patients can be confident they will experience good practice procedures whoever they see.  The aim is to make it easier for practitioners to achieve high clinical standards by providing all the resources they need to make it easy to comply and communicate with their patients – the end result has been the Mint folder of clinical compliance with accompanying patient leaflets and patient education resources.

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