More about preparing for FCP interviews

A lot of progress has taken place in understanding the role better in terms of it being a non-treating role. Osteopaths are recognised to have good clinical skills. However, the gap that remains for many is understanding the role in context. As an FCP you have the option of requesting imaging and blood tests, alongside referring into community or secondary care. It is important to have an understanding of when and how these tests might be utilised. Much of this information is available from NICE guidelines and clinical knowledge summaries. Continue Reading »

First Contact Practitioner interview preparation

I recently had some feedback from my trust about osteopaths interviewing for FCP jobs. Osteopaths are doing well at getting through to interview. Previously many osteopaths used to talk about treating patients but that has greatly improved now so there is better understanding of the role. It also evident that osteopaths are clinically very good. The area for improvement now is to understand more about the MSK pathways and the role of FCP within those pathways. As an FCP you have many options open to you in the management of Continue Reading »

Can osteopaths become First Contact Practitioners?

Yes. The First Contact Practitioner role is a huge opportunity for MSK osteopaths to join Primary Care on a clear developmental career pathway. But… At the moment GPs cannot get funding for First Contact osteopaths but can receive 100% funding for physiotherapists. A huge amount of work has been going on to attain funding status and we are hopeful that will change ready for April. But, there’s good news… Osteopaths can be included in contracted FCP services as part of a MSK team. Many teams include osteopaths in their job Continue Reading »

Fantastic Primary Care CPD

The Primary Care Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Medicine Society recently ran an excellent online conference. The presentations are like gold for informing your clinical decision making. This is one of the most helpful conferences for immediate clinical application that I have been to in a long time. If you are working as an FCP or interested in that area of work these are a must but I would recommend them to any practitioner. You need to be a member to watch the Conference presentations but it is just £50 per year Continue Reading »

First Contact Practitioner Roadmap

Did you hear about the FCP roadmap that was launched a couple of weeks ago? What is it? It’s a document that shows the competencies required to work as an FCP and the pathway to demonstrate these competences. The document also includes the pathway from FCP to Advanced Practice which enables you to practice as a band 8a FCP. The good news It’s a fantastic document and offers to osteopaths and other MSK therapists a clear career pathway. It will enable standardisation of quality of practice across these roles. There Continue Reading »

Making the most of lockdown 2.0.

So, we are in lockdown again and whilst osteopaths can keep their clinics open it is likely there will be a few extra gaps in the diary. I want to encourage you to take the opportunity to get the governance foundations of your clinic in mint condition ready for when you are busy again. It will be great to end 2020 knowing your clinic is all up to date. Here’s a list of 6 areas to work on with 3 bonuses if you are keen: Consent Review your consent procedures. Continue Reading »

World Suicide Prevention

Today is world suicide prevention day. In healthcare I think we have an important role to play in suicide prevention. Mental health is often linked to physical symptoms and people experiencing high levels of pain can reach the point of despair. I’ve done a few courses on mental health and suicide prevention and this one was one of the best with some really good video case examples. There is another good free course available from the Zero Suicide Alliance, a collaboration of NHS trusts, charities and businesses and individuals committed Continue Reading »

Covid-19 – What should osteopaths do?

Public Health England has clear advice which is regularly updated: There is advice for every eventuality if you have travelled to a country with Covid-19 cases or if you come into contact with someone. I’m sure I won’t be telling you anything new but hopefully drawing together some key information to help us in clinic. We have a responsibility to take our part in trying to limit the spread of the virus and supporting the Public Health England advice. Practice good hand hygiene Recognise symptoms Symptoms of Covid-19 are: Continue Reading »

MSK Reform #5 Exerting Influence

This is the final section of the MSK Reform overview. CLINICIANS  MSKR proposes a trusted communication infrastructure for private, professional discussions with accountable users and administrators  The aim of this communication strategy is to improve evidence based practice and collaborative sharing of experience. For many osteopaths working on their own and in small practices this would be welcomed. A common complaint is clinical variation across MSK practice, it is hoped this would reduce that variation.  MEDIA  MSKR will develop and support a credible network of media-trained MSK experts available to Continue Reading »

MSK Reform #4 Aspiring to Clinical Excellence

DEFINING EXCELLENCE  MSKR propose that Clinical Excellence is delivered by clinicians who value:  Patient-centred care  – patient needs, goals and outcomes central to care  Uninterrupted time to articulate story and work with them to identify meaningful, personal goals  Embrace complexity, all aspects of care in patient’s best interest  Options clarified and decisions reasoned  A holistic biopsychosocial model  – holistic, all-encompassing recognises and values all possible contributing variable in line with Clinical Excellence  Communication skills  – collaborative but persuasive  Identify common ground, communicate coherent, scientifically robust route to patient goals  Empowerment  Continue Reading »