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More about preparing for FCP interviews

A lot of progress has taken place in understanding the role better in terms of it being a non-treating role. Osteopaths are recognised to have good clinical skills. However, the gap that remains for many is understanding the role in context. As an FCP you have the option of requesting imaging and blood tests, alongside referring into community or secondary care. It is important to have an understanding of when and how these tests might be utilised. Much of this information is available from NICE guidelines and clinical knowledge summaries. Continue Reading »

First Contact Practitioner interview preparation

I recently had some feedback from my trust about osteopaths interviewing for FCP jobs. Osteopaths are doing well at getting through to interview. Previously many osteopaths used to talk about treating patients but that has greatly improved now so there is better understanding of the role. It also evident that osteopaths are clinically very good. The area for improvement now is to understand more about the MSK pathways and the role of FCP within those pathways. As an FCP you have many options open to you in the management of Continue Reading »

Can osteopaths become First Contact Practitioners?

Yes. The First Contact Practitioner role is a huge opportunity for MSK osteopaths to join Primary Care on a clear developmental career pathway. But… At the moment GPs cannot get funding for First Contact osteopaths but can receive 100% funding for physiotherapists. A huge amount of work has been going on to attain funding status and we are hopeful that will change ready for April. But, there’s good news… Osteopaths can be included in contracted FCP services as part of a MSK team. Many teams include osteopaths in their job Continue Reading »

Fantastic Primary Care CPD

The Primary Care Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Medicine Society recently ran an excellent online conference. The presentations are like gold for informing your clinical decision making. This is one of the most helpful conferences for immediate clinical application that I have been to in a long time. If you are working as an FCP or interested in that area of work these are a must but I would recommend them to any practitioner. You need to be a member to watch the Conference presentations but it is just £50 per year Continue Reading »

First Contact Practitioner Roadmap

Did you hear about the FCP roadmap that was launched a couple of weeks ago? What is it? It’s a document that shows the competencies required to work as an FCP and the pathway to demonstrate these competences. The document also includes the pathway from FCP to Advanced Practice which enables you to practice as a band 8a FCP. The good news It’s a fantastic document and offers to osteopaths and other MSK therapists a clear career pathway. It will enable standardisation of quality of practice across these roles. There Continue Reading »

First Contact Practitioner #2

I’ve been working as an FCP for just over a week. Of course, it’s all training and supervision to begin with but I thought I’d bring a few insights into the role.  Patients The patient group is diverse with lots of acute presentations but also some chronic. Last week I saw a ruptured biceps tendon for the first time. One patient was referred for DVT investigations and I viewed a few injections which was interesting. Other than that it’s plantar fascitis, acute back pain and lots of shoulder pain as Continue Reading »

First Contact Practitioner #1

I have just been appointed as a First Contact Practitioner in West Essex. I hope to share on the blog some insights into the role as I get established for anyone that is interested in pursuing the role. What is a First Contact Practitioner? This is a fairly new and developing role based in GP surgeries. Patients can make an appointment directly with a First Contact Practitioner. They will then be assessed for their musculoskeletal problem and given appropriate exercises, advice or referral. This is my understanding at the moment Continue Reading »