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Mint Closing

Mint Practice is closing on 30th June 2022. I would like to thank you for your support over 7 years. There have been two versions of the Mint folder and two series of leaflets. It’s been a lot of work and given many interesting experiences but it is now time to pursue other interests. If you would like to purchase one of the three remaining Mint folders or any leaflets – some low in stock, there will be a 20% discount until the end of June.

The Why? Of Mint

Having encouraged you to reflect on the Why of your practice I have also spent time reflecting on the Why of Mint. There were several logs in the fire that led to the spark that ignited the formation of Mint: The realisation that it can be a lot of work to research and understand the requirements of the Practice Standards particularly in relation to subjects like Safeguarding Children and Health and Safety. The frustration at the unnecessary duplication of effort between every practice taking the time to research and write Continue Reading »