CPD Courses

Mint will run courses on any aspect of the Mint Folder.  We believe learning should be informative, interactive, and enhance your practice.

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Forthcoming Courses

CPD courses

The 5 C’s of the Osteopathic Practice Standards

UCO – Saturday 12th October 2019 0900-1730

This course identifies 5 key areas of the Osteopathic Practice Standards as Communication, Consent, Conduct, Competence and Complaints. An overview of each of these areas will enable osteopaths to be knowledgeable about requirements and leave with the practical skills to maintain high clinical standards.

This will be an interactive course involving examples and challenges to help osteopaths consider and improve their standards in each of these key areas of practice.

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Communication and Consent

South Wales Osteopathic Society – Saturday 26th October 2019 0930-1400

An interactive workshop on communication and consent – what do you need to do for informed consent, what should you write down? How can you improve your communication with patients?

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Recorded Mint Webinars

Mint Webinars are available for purchase as recorded webinars for your CPD. All around 1 hour, watch at your own convenience – Buy them here.

Stress testing your patient records

  • Understand what should be included in your patient records
  • Know the importance of your patient records for patient care
  • Test how your records stand-up
  • Refine your notes for new patients and returning patients

Communication and Consent

  • Consider the importance of communication and how you gain consent
  • Understand the benefits and risks of treatment
  • What is required for informed consent
  • How can you implement good consent procedures.

5 things you should know about communication

  • Appreciate the importance of communication
  • Reflect on different methods of communication
  • Understand nocebo and placebo language
  • Motivate patients with communication skills
  • Identify areas for improving your communication

Handling Complaints

  • Update on new Osteopathic Practice Standards relating to complaints
  • Make sure you have a robust complaints procedure
  • Be confident in handling complaints
  • Know how to receive and learn from feedback
  • Appreciate feedback as an opportunity for professional development
  • Apply the Duty of Candour

The Puzzle of Pain

  • Why is pain puzzling? Consider the latest research on persistent pain
  • An update on some of the models for clinical reasoning in light of the recent evidence
  • Is there a solution for persistent pain?
  • Understand how osteopaths may be able to apply an evidence based approach to persistent pain