Staff and Associate Support

Staff and Associate Support


ARCHIVED PRODUCT N.B. This product is based on the 2012 Osteopathic Practice Standards and therefore may not reflect current legislation.

This module will help you to support clinical associates and staff by increasing your knowledge and confidence. If you are an associate -learn about how you could be supported. If you are a principal – how can you support your staff and help them achieve their best in your clinic?

Learn about areas in which you should provide training for clinic staff as a requirement of practice standards. Consider whether you are self-employed and evidence to prove your status. Develop opportunities to share learning in clinic.

Have you ever carried out a colleague appraisal? These are a regular feature of many work-places to help encourage reflective development. There is a template form for you to try out in your clinic.

  • Provide training to your staff
  • Support staff in achieving their full potential
  • Justify your employment structure
  • Try using appraisals in your practice

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