Theme A - Communication, consent, benefits and risks of treatment

Theme A - Communication, consent, benefits and risks of treatment


Theme A – Communication and Patient Partnership

This module provides you with clear information about what the standards require and template forms to help you to comply with Theme A of the 2018 Osteopathic Practice Standards. The key topics in this theme are communication and consent.

Standards explained – explaining benefits and risks of treatment, gaining consent, communication. You will have the information about what is required and how you can reach the standard in your practice.

Standards applied – template forms help you to evidence areas of good practice and identify areas for improvement. You can assess how your practice is complying with requirements and gather information to form policies and procedures for your clinic.

The Mint Folder will provide you with an invaluable source of information which you will turn to again and again. It will reduce your stress levels about practice. At the end of the theme there are suggestions for CPD making it easy for you to achieve the requirements of the new CPD scheme.

You can purchase each theme of modules separately if you want to focus on one area of practice. Each theme of modules is great value but if you purchase more than two you would find better value buying the complete folder download.

Your order confirmation email will contain links to the PDF theme content and a word document of the template forms for you to modify.

Theme A contains the following modules:

Theme A – Communication and Patient Partnership includes:

  • Communication – listening and expectations
  • Communication about health
  • Benefits and risks of treatment
  • Consent
  • Health support and resources
  • Dignity and Modesty
  • Values
  • CPD Suggestions
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