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First Contact Practitioner #2

I’ve been working as an FCP for just over a week. Of course, it’s all training and supervision to begin with but I thought I’d bring a few insights into the role.  Patients The patient group is diverse with lots of acute presentations but also some chronic. Last week I saw a ruptured biceps tendon for the first time. One patient was referred for DVT investigations and I viewed a few injections which was interesting. Other than that it’s plantar fascitis, acute back pain and lots of shoulder pain as Continue Reading »

First Contact Practitioner #1

I have just been appointed as a First Contact Practitioner in West Essex. I hope to share on the blog some insights into the role as I get established for anyone that is interested in pursuing the role. What is a First Contact Practitioner? This is a fairly new and developing role based in GP surgeries. Patients can make an appointment directly with a First Contact Practitioner. They will then be assessed for their musculoskeletal problem and given appropriate exercises, advice or referral. This is my understanding at the moment Continue Reading »