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MSK Reform #5 Exerting Influence

This is the final section of the MSK Reform overview. CLINICIANS  MSKR proposes a trusted communication infrastructure for private, professional discussions with accountable users and administrators  The aim of this communication strategy is to improve evidence based practice and collaborative sharing of experience. For many osteopaths working on their own and in small practices this would be welcomed. A common complaint is clinical variation across MSK practice, it is hoped this would reduce that variation.  MEDIA  MSKR will develop and support a credible network of media-trained MSK experts available to Continue Reading »

MSK Reform #4 Aspiring to Clinical Excellence

DEFINING EXCELLENCE  MSKR propose that Clinical Excellence is delivered by clinicians who value:  Patient-centred care  – patient needs, goals and outcomes central to care  Uninterrupted time to articulate story and work with them to identify meaningful, personal goals  Embrace complexity, all aspects of care in patient’s best interest  Options clarified and decisions reasoned  A holistic biopsychosocial model  – holistic, all-encompassing recognises and values all possible contributing variable in line with Clinical Excellence  Communication skills  – collaborative but persuasive  Identify common ground, communicate coherent, scientifically robust route to patient goals  Empowerment  Continue Reading »

MSK Reform #2 Reforming Clinical Governance

REFORMING CLINICAL GOVERNANCE  This is the second in a series looking at the proposals of MSK Reform and applying them in an osteopathic context. The first article is available here.  Clinical governance is the means by which healthcare “continuously builds quality of services and safeguards high standards of care by creating an environment in which excellence in clinical care will flourish.”  There needs to be a synergy between bottom up and top down aspirations for improvement.  The reforms aim to provide assurance that:  MSK services in the UK are continuously Continue Reading »